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Homeless Man Hasnt Seen His Kids In 19 Years, Then His Son Walks Through The Door


Its a simple program with a big impact and its already changing the lives of people who are severely disadvantaged in our society. What happens when you give homeless people an opportunity to reach out to their lost loved ones?

“You know, my kids, I ” Perry Thornley starts, then stops, clearly overcome with emotion. “I can never find ‘em.”

This dad has been separated from his children for 19 years with no clue where they are, but its been virtually impossible for him to find them again. You see, Thornley lives on the street, but hes about to meet a team of wonderful people who want to ensure he reunites with his lost family.

This program is called Miracle Messages, and it helps homeless people reconnect with their lost loved ones using social media. Kevin F. Adler, who heads up the proceedings, believes very strongly that “everyone is someone’s somebody,” according to the organization’s website.

The Through Our Eyes Project is similar in that volunteers provide homeless people with disposable cameras so that they can tell their unique stories. A filmmaker also hoped to spotlight the experiences of those living on the street through music, which produced a truly heartwarming dance routine.

In this video, however, you will not only get to witness the incredible moment Thornley is reunited with his son, but youll meet other people as well.

Its the simple experience of getting to hear their stories that truly leaves the biggest impact.

All credit goes toMiracle Messages, which can be found on Facebook, Patreon, and YouTube.

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